Emotional Matrix

A practical APP (= APPlication) for Quantum Physics

Experiences, Beliefs, Dogma's and our Environment define our lives. It can be compared to a program on a computer hardware drive. It is part our personal Matrix, it controls our thinking and our actions, consciously or unconsciously.


This is a simple and effective process for deep inner Work, rapidly moving you into the Zero Zone, where nothing and everything exists. Here healing can take place.

The Basis of the Emotional Matrix Method lies in Applied Quantum Physics, which proves that everything is energy and information. If you wish to change something in your life, simply focus on it, choose the Field of Opportunities and then integrate the wished for result. Here blocked or frozen emotions can be released,

Negative Beliefs, Blockages are released through intention and touch. Nothing needs to be analysed or understood. Working with this Method - Quantum Energy, using Pure Consciousness, you can change your Reality, a deep transformation takes place and the source of the problem comes to light, resulting in feelings of peace and serenity.