Essentially, patients don't develop a sensitivity to histamine — they simply have too much of it. Several factors contribute to the body accumulating high levels of histamine, and most relate to the molecule failing to be broken down and degraded in the normal way, through Diaminoxidase (DAO - an Enzyme)


Many of these symptoms, listed below, are similar to allergic symptoms, so you should check for histamine intolerance when such reactions appear.

Abdominal cramps Anxiety Breathing problems

Digestive disturbances Dizziness or vertigo

Fatigue Flushing Headaches/migraines

Acid reflux Hypertension / Hypotension

Nausea and/or vomiting Nasal congestion

Sinus problems Sneezing Tachycardia Tissue swelling Urticaria (hives) Itching


Wine, cheese, Salami and similar types of sausage. Chocolate, Strawberries and Tomatoes to name a few. Check online for a list of foods high Histamine or which activate Histamine. Alcohol and also a number of Medications hamper the DAO eg. Opiodes and Acetylene.

Distressed Diaminoxidase (Enzyme)

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrom

SIBO Small intestine Bacteria overload

Stress Excess Cortisol

Tips: Probiotics - Lavender oil – Low Histamine diet – Stress Management RADIONIC

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