Frequently asked Questions

Have Radionic Instruments Been Scientifically Validated?

This depends on what we mean by 'scientific validation'. If what we mean is whether radionic instruments have been tested and found to obey the laws of physics or that of material science, our answer is 'No'. There are other dimensions of reality unbeknown to conventional science (see Quantum Physics).
You cannot use a three-dimensional parameter to investigate a four-dimensional reality. Radionics happens to fall into this reality. It is beyond what conventional science can grasp as of now.
Radionic instruments are physical structures no doubt, but what they are used to accomplish cannot be tied to their engineering designs. However, what is accomplished through Radionics can eventually be tested by the ESP dowsing function.

How Does Radionics Work?

Researchers in energy medicine, and other sciences are beginning to investigate the 'hows' of Radionics and are coming up with pretty good information and observations.

Does Radionics include other remedies?

Radionics normally uses energy patterns to correct the imbalances found by the practitioner. These patterns include, for example, Homoeopathic remedies, Essential Oils, Flower remedies, Gem Essences, Colours, Antidote patterns for bacteria and viruses, and sometimes other modalities. Thus the practitioner can draw on a large number of possible solutions for the patient. His or her skill lies in finding not only the source of the patient's problems but also the most appropriate remedy. The practitioner may also dowse for the suitability to the patient of non-Radionic therapies, and most practitioners will also work alongside orthodox medical procedures if required. Radionic techniques are also used successfully in the treatment of animals, and in agriculture.

What Kind of Health Disorders Does Radionics Handle?

Let us begin by correcting one misconception here. A radionic practitioner doesn't treat any health condition. To treat, you must diagnose. And to diagnose means, giving a label that meets certain rigid parameters based on what can be measured or quantified in the physical laboratory.

Radionic practitioners work on the premise that all dis-eases and health disorders, irrespective of what names or labels are attached to them, boil down to one thing.... energy imbalances. The names or the diagnoses we give to them only reflect the locations and the effects of these energy imbalances on the overall body system.

If we could detect and correct these energy imbalances, wellness will be restored to the sufferer. This will happen no matter what names were given to the manifested clinical signs and symptoms in the first case. Radionics seeks to do just this...restore balance.... and it does it marvellously.

Almost all dis-eases and illnesses treatable by western conventional medicine could be helped by radionic therapy. It is not a cure-all kind of discipline though, and it is, sometimes, very restricted in physical interventionist care. In many instances radionic healing and conventional medicine can co-exist to the betterment of the patient.

Suspected factorsmight show up during an analysis as the underlying cause of an illness. The aim of the Radionic practitioner is to isolate these factors, prioritize them, and then embark on their correction or "balancing the patient" as we popularly refer to this procedure. Priority correction or harmonization is the key to a successful Radionic healing.

What form does a radionic analysis take?

A Radionic analysis may take different forms depending on the school of thought the where the practitioner trained or belongs to. In the early '70s, a new concept was introduced into Radionics by David Tansley, D.C. That concept considered man's subtle anatomy. The Etheric, astral (or emotional), the mental, and causal bodies came to be incorporated into Radionic analysis by some practitioners. Analysis of the Chakras also was added. No doubt, this considerably extended the scope and efficacy of Radionics.