workshop overview


Energy is in constant movement, and so is it with my Workshops and Training, I keep abreast of my Clients requirements, offering new Modalities so that my clients can grow and be inspired. Here a a small taste of what I offer:


In this workshop you will learn amazingly quickly and with ease the Holistic Matrix, which can be used in all aspects of your life. Integrate it in your daily life and you will experience joy, satisfaction, success, health and vitality and fulfilling relationships.

This extraordinary workshop is for those who want to improve their lives, but also for Energy workers and Therapists. This modality works very well with any other modality moving the results up to another level.

A light filled world

A light filled workshop which raises your vibration and your consciousness to another level.



Know your numbers, know yourself.

Using Numerology, and knowing your personal numbers from your name and birth date, you have access to information, your personal Energy and your Aspects, are able to recognize opportunities and make better choices - in your career, relationships, or health. An interesting and fun workshop. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, also that of your friends and family.

* How your birth date reflects the easiest life path for you.

* How to see the lessons you've learned and the challenges before you.

*How abbreviating your name, dropping part of your name, or adding a name through marriage can affect you negatively as well as positively

* Discover which dates of the month are best for you to begin projects or sign important documents.

* Determine whether you are living in the right state or country.

*Do you belong in the north, south, east, or west?


Most people do not know that just as an App on your Smartphone constantly requires an update to function correctly, so do your Chakras, when you want to benefit from this amazing , powerful energy. Master your own energy to enjoy life, manifest, and be the person you were meant to be. Be more confident, fulfilled, inspired. Understand the Chakras - understand your environment.

Attend a workshop and learn to update you chakras yourself or make an appointment for a treatment



For better health, more self esteem, more charisma, more opportunities, more vitality---- the list goes on and on. -In this workshop you will learn how to work with your physical and energetical systems, to take more responsibility for your wellbeing and raise your vibration. This energy work will enable you to live a life of vitality, fun, inspiration and fulfillment.


Discover the amazing world of colour and energy. From the view of Feng Shui, everything has a yin and a yang energy, Applying this knowledge to colour as well as understanding that colour moves in waves, then using the Matrix to transform the waves into a spiral, you are able to connect the yin and yang thereby transforming the energy into a united holistic force. This energy can be used to activate all levels of your life and that of your family. The higher the energy of your home the higher your vibration and those sharing your home/office. Colour your life


Whether your interest lies in Devining ( Pendulum, Devining Rods, Tensor or Tarot), or connecting to your Inner Guidance (GPS), I offer ongoing courses. The new rising consciousness is often very confusing and here a GPS is required to navigate through all the information and energy. Here too are a number of interesting workshops/trainings being offered. Keep an eye on this page! I am also available for personal consultations


Learn to use the energy of sound to improve you wellbeing, release tension, pain and relax your system. This amazing modality is easy to learn and apply. Experience the deep healing effects of sound on your body - feel your cells dance with new vitality. Children love the experience of a singing bowl massage. Helps them to relax, become more focused and supports their nervous system.

Apart from the workshop you are also able to book a massage to spoil yourself or to ease any discomfort.


The use of light and colour is known to man for thousands of years. The Egyptians and the Esseners were experts in this field. Applying the combined frequencies of light and colour in your system assists in releasing dis-ease, resulting in more vitality and exuberance for life.

Simply make and appointment and experience this for yourself